Honeycomb or Rock Pockets are areas in the foundation where the creamy part of the cement has not filled in. These areas are characterized by exposed rock / aggregate where water can leak through. If these areas are not grouted on the outside of the foundation and then properly coated they can cause leaks.

Ways To Minimize Honeycomb:

  • Vibrate the foundation more
  • Use a wetter concrete mix
  • Talk with your concrete company for more ideas

My New Foundation Has Honeycomb What Now?

Honeycomb is more common then you might think. It is relatively easy to prevent future problems by:
  • Have the Form Crew grout any honeycomb areas soon after forms are removed
  • We can then patch over these areas with our Roller Grade Waterproofing material
  • We may also embed a fabric strip for reinforcement
  • The entire area is then coated with the rest of the wall

How We Fix Honeycomb in Existing Structures:

  • We fill in the honeycomb with a hydraulic cement or grout
  • We then do an epoxy or AquaFin coating over the affected area

Got Foundation Leaks?

We can fix them! Even Active Leaks. Inside or Out. Cracks, Ties, Honeycomb, Etc.

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