Cold Joints

Cold Joint are formed when one pour of concrete ends and another begins. This transition is a formed crack and water can enter through the joint if not treated correctly. There are three ways to seal against water, but they all require access and timing to keep costs down during installation

  • Waterstop or joint sealant placed prior to pour of fresh concrete (provided by concrete contractor)
  • Waterproofing joint detail (exterior) prior to backfill (provided by waterproofing contractor)
  • Interior injection repair (interior) prior to finishing the basement (done by waterproofing or repair specialist)


Waterstop or Joint sealant

There are at least three types but they all function as a stopping point where water cannot enter due to a physical or chemical barrier being formed in the joint. Ranging from $2.00 to $10.00 per lnft, prior planning and coordination is needed to make this option feasible and effective. Consult with your concrete contractor to see if he can offer this product prior to pouring the next stage of concrete on your job.

The three types include

  • Bentonite or chemical waterstop (swelling – reactive to water)
  • Physical water stop, in which half is poured into the concrete (such as footings or top of wall) and then poured into new concrete (wall or floor)
  • Caulking or exterior seal after concrete is poured – see notes below for more information

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