The House That SHE Built is a project entirely built by Women. Libby and Sarah did an Amazing job doing the Waterproofing, Window Wells, and Footing Drain on this great project! — Learn More About This Project…

Rocky Mountain Waterproofing is a family company. As a company it started back in 1960. The company passed on eventually to McKay Douglas who purchased it from his brother. The company was eventually passed down to McKay and Ellen’s kids. It is currently owned by four of their kids: Chris, Jenn, Tyler, and Sam.

Rocky Mountain Waterproofing has had many amazing women help shape it as a company over the years. Here is a little about just a few of them:

Ellen, mother of 7 kids, did office management and on multiple occasions went out and helped McKay to prepare foundations to be sprayed. She taught her kids to work hard and Do It Right The First Time.

Jenn, one of the owners of Rocky Mountain Waterproofing, has an associate degree in communication and Barbering and Cosmetology. She manages the HR and Auditing for Rocky Mountain Waterproofing. She is the mother of three, (soon to be four). She wanted to be there to help but was unable to make it.

Libby (Elizabeth) has a bachelors in Sociology and has been working with Rocky Mountain Waterproofing for over a year. She helps coordinate the schedule, warranties, and accounts.

Sarah is the wife of one of the owners (Chris). She is the Mother of four and has a bachelors in Pre-Professional Biology. She is a Soccer Goalkeeper and now coaches goalkeepers for Copper Mountain Soccer and has coached on a college level.


Everyone here at Rocky Mountain Waterproofing is happy to help support the Professional Women in Building with The House That SHE Built.

Rocky Mountain Waterproofing applies Damp-Proofing, Waterproofing, and Drainage Systems on the foundation. Damp-Proofing is the code requirement for most applications. It is a thin coating that has been done for decades. It is older technology and adds only a little protection to the foundation against water. If the foundation cracks (which all foundations do), the Damp-Proofing cracks with it.

The product applied to The House That SHE Built is a Waterproofing product that Rocky Mountain Waterproofing has been applying for around 40 years called Tuff-N-Dri™. It has a warranty against leaks, and it is significantly thicker than Damp-Proofing because it has the ability to stretch over any cracking that typically happens in foundations. It can withstand water pressure at points of cracking of over 10 ft. Rocky Mountain Waterproofing was one of the first companies in the nation to start applying Tuff-N-Dri™.

Rocky Mountain Waterproofing also provided a footing drain for the project. It is a Strip Drain that replaces the pipe and gravel of a traditional french drain.

Rocky Mountain Waterproofing will also be applying waterproofing to the front porch to protect the storage room underneath from leaking.

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