Utah Leak Repair

Basement Leak Repair

We Fix Leaks from Inside or Outside of Your Home / Business. Get a Free Quote when you send us pictures of the problem area or do a video chat to go over the problem. In Person Consultation available for a small fee.

We Fix Leaks Caused By:

Cracks, Ties, Construction Joints, Pipe Penetrations, Honeycomb, Water Table Issues

No Sump Pump Needed (in Majority of Cases)


Davenport Foundation Repair

Started 1992 (32 Years)
$,$$$-$$,$$$ Monthly
  • Leak Repair
  • Interior Drainage
  • Sump Pumps
  • New Construction

BASEco Foundation & Concrete Solutions

Started 2013 (11 Years)
$,$$$-$$,$$$ Monthly
  • Leak Repair
  • Interior Drainage
  • Sump Pumps
  • New Construction

Rhino Foundation Systems

Started 1986? (38~40 Years)
$,$$$-$$,$$$ Monthly
  • Leak Repair
  • Interior Drainage
  • Sump Pumps
  • New Construction

Utah Leak Repair (Started 1960)

Rocky Mt Waterproofing (64 Years)
$$$-$,$$$ Monthly
  • Leak Repair
  • Exterior Drainage
  • Sump Pumps
  • New Construction
Best Value

Sump Pumps - Are They The Answer?

The other Leak Repair companies that we have mentioned rely heavily on Sump Pumps to eliminate the water from the area. This is a valid solution but is prone to several problems:

Problem 1 – Electricity can get shut off

In the event of a power failure a Sump Pump will not function. Even if you have an expensive battery backup system for the sump pump it will eventually run out. A back up generator is a better solution to the electricity problem but would be expensive to keep running and maintained.

Problem 2 – Pump Mechanical Failure

All mechanical systems eventually break down. If a pump failure happens and water is there it can cause a flood.

Problem 3 – Pump Maintenance

If a pump is not maintained it can cause mechanical failure as previously mentioned. Maintaining the pump becomes expensive.

Problem 4 – Lower Home Value

If a home relies on a Sump Pump to keep it from flooding it causes a potential reduction to the value of the home. 

Foundation Leak Repair That Fits The Need

We have a lot of options when it comes to Leak Repair. The majority of leaks are through Cracks, Foundation Ties, and Construction Joints (Cold Joints). To fix these we do a Urethane Foam Injection into the wall that remains flexible and seals off the water in the area we do. This also works well for Footing Joint Leaks (The Water is Coming in Where The Wall and Floor Meet). This type of leak is injected with a Urethane Foam Under High Pressure.

Pipe Penetrations

We fix hundreds of leaks through pipe penetrations that go through the concrete. We use a similar process with a Urethane Foam to seal these pipe penetrations. We can even stop pipe penetrations that are actively leaking. We don’t just cover it up and hide that water is coming in. We Actively stop the leak. We have Pipes that we sealed over 40 years ago that are still leak free.

New Construction - Practice of Some Other Companies

We have seen many variations of companies out there. Of the comparison group there is one that specifically advertises that they do Waterproofing on New Construction. Here is a link to that page on their website: “Waterproofing New Construction. Is It Worth the Investment?

Bringing Drains Inside From the Outside is A Very Bad Practice.

In that article they outline the use of a drain on the interior of the foundation connecting to an exterior foundation drain. If there is a large amount of water that comes into the area in a short period of time it can cause water to follow the direct pathway of the drain into the building!

Some “Waterproofers” Do Damp Proofing and Call It Waterproofing

Some companies here in Utah apply a thin coating of Damp Proofing and call it Waterproofing. Damp Proofing is old technology that was developed from roads. It will crack with the foundation.

Waterproofing Applied Incorrectly

We have found some that apply a “Sheet Waterproofing” Product. These can be waterproof but are very difficult to install right. The major limitations of these sheets is the seams. if there is a problem at one of the seams water can travel behind the sheet like a “Big Sticker” and travel to find a weak point into the foundation. 

New Construction - Our Waterproofing Practices Evolution

We have been serving Utah since 1960 and in that time we have continued to innovate and improve. We originally started out as a company by applying a Tar coating called “Damp Proofing” in fact our original name is Modern Damp-Proofing, Inc. – We quickly picked up Products that are fully Waterproof. We have been installing Waterproof coatings for over 50 years. No one else in Utah can say the same.

Waterproof Coatings – Not Just Tar

Concrete is Full of Water when it is poured. >> As it Dries it naturally will Shrink. >> As concrete Shrinks it Cracks. >> Solution: We have coatings that can bridge over the cracking that naturally happens when the concrete is curing. We can provide Warranties for New Construction Waterproofing ranging from 5 Years – 40 Years. We have projects that have been in the ground, Leak Free, even in High Water Situations for Almost 50 Years!


In Extreme Cases for New Construction that is in a high water table situation we can even provide waterproofing under the slab before the floor is poured. This system would prevent water from coming up underneath the floor.

We have even done a project that was 30 ft in the ground and had 20 ft of that depth in the Water Table!